Semiconductor Graphite


Semiconductor industry requirements of graphite material requirements are particularly high, fine particle size of graphite has high precision, high temperature resistance, high strength, small loss and other advantages, such as: sintered graphite products mold. Because the graphite equipment used in the semiconductor industry (including heaters and their sintered dies) are required to withstand repeated heating and cooling processes, in order to extend the service life of graphite equipment, it is usually required that the graphite materials used have stable performance and heat resistant impact function.

01 Graphite accessories for semiconductor crystal growth

All processes used to grow semiconductor crystals are operating under high temperature and corrosive environment. The hot zone of crystal growth furnace is usually equipped with heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant high-purity graphite components, such as heater, crucible, insulation cylinder, guide cylinder, electrode, crucible holder, electrode nut, etc.

We can manufacture all graphite parts of crystal production devices, which can be supplied individually or in sets, or customized graphite parts of various sizes according to customer requirements. The size of products can be measured on site, and the ash content of finished products can be less than 5ppm.



02 Graphite accessories for semiconductor epitaxy


Epitaxial process refers to the growth of a layer of single crystal material with the same lattice arrangement as the substrate on the single crystal substrate. In the epitaxial process, the wafer is loaded on the graphite disk. The performance and quality of the graphite disk play a vital role in the quality of the epitaxial layer of the wafer. In the field of epitaxial production, a lot of ultra-high purity graphite and high purity graphite base with SIC coating are needed.

Our company’s graphite base for semiconductor epitaxy has a wide range of applications, can match most of the commonly used equipment in the industry, and has high purity, uniform coating, excellent service life, and high chemical resistance and thermal stability.


03 Graphite accessories for ion implantation

Ion implantation refers to the process of accelerating the plasma beam of boron, phosphorus and arsenic to a certain energy, and then injecting it into the surface layer of the wafer material to change the material properties of the surface layer. The components of the ion implantation device shall be made of high-purity materials with excellent heat resistance, thermal conductivity, less corrosion caused by ion beam and low impurity content. High-purity graphite meets the application requirements, and can be used for the flight tube, various slits, electrodes, electrode covers, conduits, beam terminators, etc. of ion implantation equipment.


We can not only provide graphite shielding cover for various ion implantation machines, but also provide high-purity graphite electrodes and ion sources with high corrosion resistance of various specifications. Applicable models: Eaton, Azcelis, Quatum, Varian, Nissin, AMAT, LAM and other equipment. In addition, we can also provide matching ceramic, tungsten, molybdenum, aluminum products and coated parts.


04 Graphite insulation materials and others

Thermal insulation materials used in semiconductor production equipment include graphite hard felt, soft felt, graphite foil, graphite paper, and graphite rope.

All our raw materials are imported graphite, which can be cut according to the specific size of customer’s requirements or sold as a whole.

The carbon-carbon tray is used as the carrier for film coating in the production process of solar monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon cells. The working principle is:  insert the silicon chip into the CFC tray and send it into the furnace tube to process the film coating.