High temperature and corrosion resistant, the silica graphite crucible is perfect for metal melting

Siliconized graphite is a composite material in which silicon carbide is attached to the surface of a graphite substrate. It has the characteristics of high hardness, high mechanical strength and wear resistance of silicon carbide, as well as the self-lubricating properties and thermal shock resistance of graphite. It is an ideal friction materials and mechanical seal materials, suitable for mechanical sealing of various water pumps, oil pumps, chemical pumps, and bearings of various high-speed and high-load main pumps. In addition, siliconized graphite has good oxidation resistance, thermal shock resistance, low porosity, and certain electrical conductivity, and can be used as materials such as metal smelting crucibles and draft tubes.

Siliconized Graphite (1)

The composition of siliconized graphite is uniform, the surface is consistent with the inside, and the composition ratio of silicon carbide and graphite is adjustable. The higher the content of silicon carbide, the greater the density of the material, the higher the compressive strength, and the resistivity increases.


Metallographic picture of siliconized graphite

(the black part is graphite, the gray part is silicon carbide, and the white part is silicon)

Main parameters of Siliconized graphite

类别 Item 指标 Value
密度 Density 2.4-2.9g/cm³
孔隙率 Porosity <0.5%
抗压强度Compressive strength >400MPa
抗折强度 Flexural strength

Flexural strength

热导率 Thermal conductivity 120W/mK
热膨胀系数Thermal expansion coefficient 4.5×10-6
弹性模量Elastic modulus 120GPa
冲击强度Impact strength 1.9KJ/m²
水润滑摩擦系数 Water lubricated friction 0.005
干摩擦系数Dry friction coefficient 0.05

Chemical stability


Various salts, organic solvents,

strong acids (HF,HCl,H₂SO4,HNO₃)


Long-term stable use temperature

800℃(氧化气氛), 2300℃(惰性或真空气氛)

800℃(oxidizing atmosphere),

2300℃(inert or vacuum atmosphere)

电阻率 Electrical resistivity 120×10-6Ωm

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