SiC Coated Graphite Gear Ring

Product Description

Our company provides SiC coating process services by CVD method on the surface of graphite, ceramics and other materials, so that special gases containing carbon and silicon react at high temperature to obtain high purity SiC molecules, molecules deposited on the surface of the coated materials, forming SIC protective layer.

Main features:

1. High temperature oxidation resistance:

the oxidation resistance is still very good when the temperature is as high as 1600 C.

2. High purity : made by chemical vapor deposition under high temperature chlorination condition.

3. Erosion resistance: high hardness, compact surface, fine particles.

4. Corrosion resistance: acid, alkali, salt and organic reagents.

Main Specifications of CVD-SIC Coating

SiC-CVD Properties

Crystal Structure FCC β phase
Density g/cm ³ 3.21
Hardness Vickers hardness 2500
Grain Size μm 2~10
Chemical Purity % 99.99995
Heat Capacity J·kg-1 ·K-1 640
Sublimation Temperature 2700
Felexural Strength MPa  (RT 4-point) 415
Young’ s Modulus Gpa (4pt bend, 1300℃) 430
Thermal Expansion (C.T.E) 10-6K-1 4.5
Thermal conductivity (W/mK) 300

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